KYM International (KYM) is a non-governmental international humanitarian relief and development organization based in Brussels, Belgium. The organization is committed to providing aid to people in need during their most dire times, with the aim of making a lasting impact on their lives. KYM offers a number of aid programs and projects, including short-term assistance and long-term solutions. By embracing human beings from across the globe, KYM offers programs that not only meet others’ basic needs, but also lay the foundation for dialogue and solidarity in sustainable development solutions. The organization aims to design, build and fund projects that contribute to educational advancement, medical assistance and infrastructure development.

KYM is committed to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN). The organization firmly believes that access to quality education, healthcare, water and relief aid are basic human rights. By serving people in need around the world, KYM hopes to reach the most vulnerable communities and individuals. Ultimately, until everyone can benefit from equitable socioeconomic development programs, KYM will continue implementing humanitarian projects.

  • To contribute to a more peaceful world by implementing development projects that offer alternatives to conflict and social divisiveness
  • To promote an inclusive development approach by engaging the international community in addition to local populations
  • To implement inclusive projects with a lasting impact on the educational and economic advancement of the most vulnerable groups
  • To provide access to clean water and quality healthcare
  • To assist in the development of agricultural lands for food production, and effectively deploy natural resources at the local and national level
  • To assist people impacted by natural disasters and conflict
  • To support the socioeconomic participation of individuals in their communities by offering vocational training courses
  • That all people, regardless of their religious and cultural backgrounds, work toward the socioeconomic advancement of the community at large
  • That all children have equal access to quality education
  • That women can realize their socioeconomic potential without the threat of cultural barriers and violence
  • That local and global partnerships contribute to the sustainability of socioeconomic development projects
    • Humanity: We help people around the world during their most dire times by saving lives, alleviating suffering and protecting human dignity.
    • Inclusiveness: We accommodate the needs and acknowledge the perspectives of people from diverse backgrounds, and value the contributions of all human beings.
    • Impartiality: We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, class, nationality, religion, sex or political opinions.
    • Independence: We are autonomous and do not accept political or ideological interference.
    • Voluntary Service: We are not profit-oriented. Rather, we aim to promote peace, understanding, cooperation and solidarity through voluntary service.
    • Sustainability: We develop sustainable solutions to address the most pressing needs of communities, leaving a lasting impact on others’ lives.
    • Transparency: We ensure transparency and hold ourselves accountable for all of our actions.
    • Innovation: We promote novel, creative solutions to crises and vulnerabilities.
    • Partnership: With our partners, we make fundamental improvements to the living conditions of people in need, and increase our capacity to address pressing human needs around the world.



Education enables sustainable development, but the emphasis and quality of education are sorely lacking in many parts of the world.


KYM International aims to save the lives of endangered people, alleviating their suffering while protecting their dignity and increasing their resilience.


KYM International offers long-term strategies to save lives and help communities find solutions to escape poverty and vulnerability.


KYM International aims to provide short-term relief and sustainable solutions to improve the living conditions of refugees around the world.


Around the world, more than 750 million people do not have access to clean water.


KYM International aims to help vulnerable children from different parts of the world by supporting their right to live and ensuring they have access to education, shelter, healthcare, freedom, clean water and healthy food.


Malnutrition is a major global challenge. 795 million people around the world are undernourished