Help to State of Emergency Victims in Turkey

The situation is heartbreaking. The victims of State of Emergency and KHK are experiencing violence at an unprecedented level. Tomorrow can be too late. Support them with the donations for the campaign of KYM International and say “stop this violence now”!


Vulnerable Children

Millions of children around the world are left in a vulnerable situation due to various reasons such as wars, natural disasters, conflicts and violence. Help us to build together a better future for them!



KYM International implements agricultural projects in developing countries to contribute to their development. By donating to these projects, you can boost economic opportunities for rural youth and women.



KYM International, who wants to lighten the darkening eyes of Africa, accepts donations for cataract operations. Donating only 100 euros will conduce to the great happiness of those people.


Clean Water

The number of people without access to clean water supply is expected to increase one billion primarily because of climate change, and we need to act collectively before global water crisis grows any further.


Humanitarian Aid

In order to bring solutions to chronic poverty and make healthcare and education accessible to everyone around the world, KYM International develops projects in the least developed countries and disaster zones.



With your support KYM International aims to perform its duty on significantly decreasing the number of out of school children and helping to create a more equal World. Your donation has a tremendous value!


Field Schools

KYM International, with the support of its local and international partners, is proposing a plan to implement the construction of primary schools in rural areas of specific countries in sub-Saharan Africa.



Currently millions of refugees do not have access to educational and medical services, as well as housing and employment. KYM Int’l offers sustainable solutions to transform and better the living conditions of them.