KYM International offers long-term strategies to save lives and help communities find solutions to escape poverty and vulnerability. One of the primary goals of the organization is to address health issues that directly interfere with the socioeconomic development of communities across the globe. Supporting health services such as medical scanning, obstetrics and gynecology are among KYM International’s primary goals. However, a special emphasis on cataracts, a condition of the eye that leads to impaired vision, is a top priority of KYM International’s health development department. The organization, along with KYM’s global partners, funds the removal of cataracts for vulnerable individuals. This eye condition, which is associated with ageing, injury, disease or simply genetics, is treatable, and its removal can help people enjoy a healthy and productive life.

The impact that cataracts have on people’s lives can be overwhelming and hinder socioeconomic development. Those affected may struggle finding employment and attending school, and some individuals may risk being shunned by their community due to taboos related to vision impairment. KYM International aims to ensure these people, and especially children, have a chance to lead normal lives. The organization will develop additional partnerships with other development offices (both NGO and government-sponsored entities) to increase the number of health services that provide this surgery.