KYM International’s health department has placed a special emphasis on cataracts, a condition of the eye that leads to impaired vision. The organization, along with KYM’s global partners, will fund the removal of cataracts by providing surgery for vulnerable people across the globe. This eye condition, which is related to ageing, injury, disease or simply genetics, is treatable, and its removal can help people enjoy a healthy and productive life. KYM International hopes to provide a brighter future for people in need, and will accept donations for cataract operations. Donating just 100 euros will make all the difference for these people.

The personal and social impact of cataracts on people’s lives can be overwhelming, not to mention detrimental to socioeconomic development. Those affected may struggle finding employment and attending school, and some individuals may risk being shunned by their community due to taboos related to vision impairment. KYM International aims to ensure these people, and especially children, have a chance to lead normal lives.

Your donations to KYM International will give hope to victims of disaster and vulnerable groups.

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