Clean Water


Human beings can live for maybe 5-10 minutes without breathing, a few days without water and a week without food. Air, water and food are vital not to only mankind, but to all living things. Lack of access to any of these primary requirements will end a person’s life. The right to access clean water is a basic human right, and KYM International is determined to defend it. Considering the crucial importance of water for human life and honor, we have no choice but to work toward achieving universal access to clean water.

The first step of the health-for-everyone goal is to meet the most important requirement. The Kimse Yok Mu Aid and Solidarity Association (KYM International) knows that water is indispensable to reaching sustainable development goals, and that water infrastructure investments must be a top priority for leaders and governments. Many countries cannot meet all of their infrastructure requirements, and at this point, official development aids have become more important than ever. The amount of aid has been decreasing, when the reverse ought to be true.

KYM International has opened “Water Wells” to fight the adversity caused by lack of water, particularly in Africa. Data gathered in mid-2016 reveals that KYM provided more than 3,000 water wells.

Through your donations, we aim to dramatically increase the number of water wells. The number of people without access to clean water is expected to rise to 1 billion, primarily because of climate change, and we need to act collectively before the global water crisis gets worse.

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