Humanitarian Aid

KYM International aims to save the lives of endangered people, alleviating their suffering while protecting their dignity and increasing their resilience. In order to bring effective solutions to chronic poverty, and in order to eliminate deprivation and make healthcare and education accessible to everyone, KYM International provides social support, healthcare, education, post-disaster relief and post-conflict assistance, particularly in developing countries and disaster zones.

KYM International provides aid to people in need during their most dire times, with the aim of making a lasting impact on their lives, regardless of their nationality, religion, gender or ethnic origin. KYM International believes in the importance of partnerships for effective humanitarian action, and for this reason, the organization cooperates with the UN, as well as other international organizations and NGOs. KYM provides efficient disaster response and emergency aid around the world by collaborating with local authorities. In addition to disaster response and emergency services, KYM International strives to strengthen the link between humanitarian work and sustainable development projects.